Culture in Spain

Christmas in Spain


The   first thing that the visitor will notice is that Christmas in Spain is   not as huge a commercial occasion as is the case in many other western   countries. 

15 Foods you must try in Spain


Food  is an essential part of travel,  there’s no doubt about that. The  flavours, the colours, the preparation, everything which goes into the  production of food say a lot about a  country’s culture and story. 

Fiestas in Spain


Fiestas  are a massive part of Spanish life and there are a lot of  them! The  word Fiesta can mean a holiday, a festival or a party, and the  Spanish  do like a good party! 

The 4 Best Spanish Language Apps


Want to learn Spanish? We have reviewed 4 of the best Language learning apps for your mobile, PC or tablet here

Beef Steak with baked Baby Plum Tomatoes with garlic


This  week we had  Virgin olive Oil from this year’s press from Manuel and  tomatoes and  garlic from Maria, who also gave us this recipe.

Baza - A Jewel in the heart of Andalusia


The Altiplano region of Baza is one of the unspoiled jewels of Andalusia.

Situated in the north of the Granada Province, is the town of Baza,  the capital of the overall area of the same name.